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Men's Club

Men's Club Facial 

A deep cleansing facial designed for the special needs of the skin left irritaed by shaving and sun damage.

Duration & Price: 
Approximately 1 Hour - $85.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Slow deep massage movements that enhance the body's flexibility and release very tight blocked areas. It aides in structural alignment, resulting in improved posture.

Duration & Price:
Approximately 1 Hour - $100.00
Approximetely 1 1/2 Hours - $145.00

Signature Mens Manicure
Includes nail shaping, soak, cuticle treatment, hand and arm massage, warm towel wrap and perfect nail buff.

Duration & Price:
Approximately 1/2 Hour - $20.00

Signature Mens Pedicure
Includes whirlpool soak, nail shaping, cuticle treatment, foot and leg exfoliation, callus softening treatment, foot and leg massage, perfect nail buff.

Duration & Price:
Approximately 45 minutes - $45.00