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Body Treatments & Hydrotherapy

Pierre & Carlo Signature Sea Glo Treatment

A luxurious full body exfoliation! Begin with an exfoliating full body shampoo under our vichy shower, followed by a full body exfoliation using our signature body polish. Your skin will have a sleek glowing finish. Includes shampoo and conditioning treatment, as well as vichy shower.

Approximately 1 Hour - $110

Vichy Shower
The cascading downpour of warm massaging water is one of the most relaxing and rejuvanating spa experiences.

Approximately 20 minutes - $25

Slimming Full Body Wrap
Detoxify, tone and slim with this cooling algae base wrap. Algenic acid, menthol, spirulina and vitamins A & E help eliminate toxicity, smooth down cellulite desposits and deeply hydrates and soothe the skin. Aromatic essences of cypress, rosemary and juniper are excellent for cleansing and stimulating the lymphatic system.

Approximately 1 hour - $125.00

Bathing Ritual with Chromatherapy
For centuries the ritual of bathing has been used to create inner peace and harmony with therapeutic benefits. Completely submerged in this ultra deep, tranquil pool millions of champagne like bubbles cling to the body and caress the skin. Chromatherapy enhances the soaking environment to include a full spectrum of dramatic color - from soothing to stimulating, or enjoy a progression of all the colors.

All men MUST wear bathing trunks during the bathing ritual. No exceptions.

Approximately 30 minutes - $50, $35 when added to any massage or body treatment

Seaweed Body Mask Treatment
Imported directly from Brittany, France and considered as concentrates of pure seawater, seaweed offers the richest source of minerals, trace elements and vitamins vital for the skins health and tone. Invigorating and revitalizing.

Approximately 1 Hour  - $110

Dead Sea Purifying Mud Treatment
A high percentage of natural black mud minerals from the Dead Sea is used to achieve positive results on the skin, elimintating impurities and dead cells while replenishing the skins essential mineral balance.

Approximately 1 Hour - $110

Air Brush Tan

Our precision application of self tanner gives you a beautiful natural tan without
the harmful effects of the sun or tanning bed.

Approximately 1/2 Hour - $45, $30 when added to any body exfoliation